Baserri route: Leioa’s countryside

Explore the northern part of Leioa, the most rural area, full of vineyards that produce txakoli grapes, countryside and beautiful scenery worth visiting.
  • Starting point: Errekalde square
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Cumulative difference in altitude: 200 m
  • Trail rank: 33
Ruta Baserri, Leioa

Following the chapel’s route, we set off from Errekalde Square and head towards the University and up to Kurkudi. We then head towards the University and climb up to Kurkudi.

Ruta Baserri, Leioa

We start the descent towards Peruri, crossing the countryside next to the Zuatzuaurrekoa caserío ´”farmhouse”. After leaving San Bartolomé behind, we descend towards the Altzaga caserío “farmhouse” and, after crossing Artatza and Laubide streets, we go up towards the Leiunti park, returning to Errekalde square, walking past the town hall and the church of San Juan.

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