Leioa is located in a privileged location in the province of Bizkaia, Basque Country.

It is very close to Bilbao, just 20 minutes travelling by underground, very close to the main beaches of the Basque coast and very well communicated.

We have two underground stops and bus lines to Bilbao and other destinations.

That is why our town is an ideal place to stay if you want to get to know the province of Bizkaia.

From here, you can quickly access the main tourist facilities in the surrounding area.

Leioa is a quiet, green and friendly town where you will feel at home.

Residencia Atalaia Claret, Leioa

Main accommodation in Leioa

Hotel NH La Avanzada ****

Paseo Landabarri, 5
48940 Leioa, España
Reservas +34 91 6008146
Phone: +34 94 4640194

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Residencia Atalaia Claret

Bº Sarriena, 173
48940 Leioa, Biscay
Phone: 94 464 27 11
Fax 94 464 27 55

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You can also rent one of our town’s tourist flats or rooms.

Remember to do so in places that are legally recognised as tourist accommodation.

Visit Leioa,
your starting point for your holidays in the Basque Country.

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