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We hold several events every year in Leioa aimed at all kinds of public, accessible and in a festive atmosphere, well worth coming to experience.

Here are two very different fairs:


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The Agricultural and Livestock Fair


Since 1987, the traditional Agricultural and Livestock Fair has been held in Leioa just before Christmas.

An event for the whole family where the little ones have a great time and where you can see animals from the baserri, buy local products and attend workshops and activities during a day with a festive atmosphere and rural feel.

Feria agrícola y ganadera de Leioa

From early in the morning, the baserritarras of the region provide us with the best products from their caseríos “farmhouses”.

You will find a wide variety of cheese, bread, vegetables, Basque cake and a wide range of fresh products for your Christmas dishes.

You can also spend the day at the popular animal exhibition featuring cows, oxen, horses, goats and other farm animals.

The traditional competition for the “prettiest cow” and the “heaviest cow” of the fair is held during the exhibition.

Feria agrícola y ganadera de Leioa

Music and rural sports play an important role in this celebration, with groups of “Txistularis” and “Trikitilaris” that always liven up the atmosphere.

The different squares of the town offer the opportunity to see exhibitions of aizkolaris, txingalaris and other Basque rural sports.

There are a variety of children’s workshops for the little ones, but the most popular ones are undoubtedly those for milking a cow and shoeing cattle.

Feria agrícola y ganadera de Leioa

Pay attention to our agenda and remember to come to this year’s fair.

Come with your family to spend an unforgettable day before Christmas.

Umore Azoka, Leioa
Umore Azoka, Leioa

umore azoka


This massive event has been held for more than 20 years and, for four days, brings the best of the international performing arts to the streets of Leioa.

It is a benchmark event in the performing arts at the national level. It is organised by the Culture Department of Leioa Town Council, with the support of the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

It is usually held at the end of May, a lovely time to visit the parks, gardens and streets of Leioa.

Umore Azoka is an event focusing on street theatre and firmly established itself as an annual fair.

Well-known Basque, Spanish and foreign companies take part in it, with the premiere of many plays and new artists who, at the Umore Azoka, have the opportunity to display their work.

A mixture of experience and youth that allows the Umore Azoka to maintain its vitality and liveliness.

Umore Azoka Leioa is a great showcase for companies that are committed to the street as a space for creation, so more and more national and international companies are choosing Leioa to exhibit their work for the first time.

Umore Azoka, Leioa
Umore Azoka, Leioa

All these shows, together with the different scheduled parallel activities, such as conferences, seminars, book presentations, “Umore Meetings” or quick business meetings, will turn Leioa into the centre of the Street Arts and will bring laughter and life back to the streets of Leioa.

Join the party, come to Leioa with your partner, friends or family and soak up the magic of street theatre.

If you want more information, you can visit the website of the event, Umore Azoka Leioa.

Umore Azoka, Leioa
Don't forget; you have two must-attend dates in Leioa in May and before Christmas.