Marinerri route: watchtowers over the sound

Take a very simple and pleasant route to explore, from high above, Leioa's links with the Bilbao Sound.
  • Starting point: Skate park
  • Distance: 6 km
  • Cumulative difference in altitude: 100 m
  • Trail rank: 33
Ruta Marinerri, Leioa

We set off from the Skate park and head towards the Artaza and Pinosolo parks along the chapels’ route.
Before reaching the Ondiz water reservoir, we descend towards Lamiako, bordering Gaztelueta.

This name reminds us of fortified positions of the past and from where it is possible to see El Abra.

Ruta de la ría y la memoria

We go along Langileria Street, and through Aketxe, we climb up to Ondiz, passing by the tower palace.
We reach the viewpoint where on a clear day, we can see the summit of Gorbeia.

To return to the starting point, we head towards the Txorierri district and border round it to start the descent along Euzko Gudariak avenue, walking past Torresolo.

Leioa, ruta marineri

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