Leioa chapels route

The 3 chapels route takes you around Leioa, discovering its main chapels and their beautiful environment.
  • Starting point: Boulevard
  • Distance: 14 km
  • Cumulative difference in altitude: 300m
  • Trail rank: 37
Ermita de San Bartolomé, Leioa

We set off from the Boulevard towards Mendibile, crossing Errekalde square and going up
towards the promenade in the Ikea district.

We then join up with the Santsoena promenade and descend towards Mendibile before heading towards the Santi Mami chapel, passing through Kortasenabarri.

Ermita Andra Mari Ondiz

We return to the main road to go up the Santsoena track as far as the University. We take the detour towards the Kurkudi water reservoir, bordering it to the west and continue past the old convent of the Dominican Sisters.

We continue through Zuhatzu and descend to Telleria to climb up to the chapel of San
Bartolomé, going through the Altzaga caserío “farmhouse”.

Ermita de San Bartolomé, Leioa

We descend through Basaiz and the Artatza lift to the Skate park and then cross the Pinosolo and Artatza parks to approach the district of Ondiz and visit the chapel of Andra Mari. We descend to Txopoeta, go past the old laundry-site and return to the starting point along Sabino Arana Avenue.

Ermita Andra mari, Ondiz, Leioa

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