It embodies an idea that stemmed from the Strategic Tourism Plan, drawn up by Leioa Town Council in 2021, designed to define Leioa’s gastronomic profile.

Since 2023, this project has been in the works thanks to the support of the Tourism Board, which in turn is linked to another of the challenges: connecting the EHU/UPV, the Hospitality School and the Leioa Town Council as an articulating liaison and host.

This triangular effort is intended to continue, as in the coming years, the aspiration is to bring gastronomy together with other educational areas of the EHU/UPV currently available on the Leioa campus, with the ultimate purpose of positioning the municipality as a place of innovation, knowledge, and gastronomic education.

Visit Leioa, Bizkaia, País Vasco

leioa gastro+art

Visit Leioa, Bizkaia, País Vasco

Gastronomy and pottery

Based on this idea and the desire for interdisciplinary cooperation, this challenge will manifest itself in 2024 with a unique project, linking students from the EHU/UPV’s Master’s Degree in Ceramics and a group from the EHU/UPV’s Hospitality School, to share and establish synergies in order to turn an idea into a reality.Bringing together two arts, connected through the bond between container and content, thus providing a special meaning to the harmonious concept between culture, habit, beauty, desire and identity.Thus, the Leioa Gastro+Art celebration becomes the first edition of a holistic project that intends to consolidate and explore the convergence between different knowledge fields in each new edition.
Space for culture

Leioa crockery

Formally, the Master’s Degree in Ceramics students were inspired by Leioa’s orography and its relief, featuring rivers and streams that run among rolling hills, flowing into a low plain located next to the banks of the sound.

Leioa Crockery is thus distinguished by the soft waves that aesthetically unify each piece, as a result of the creativity of the Master’s Degree in Ceramics students at the EHU/UPV, assisted by Blanka Gómez de Segura, Master Potter and director of the Ollerías Basque Pottery Museum.

nutritious, tasty and attractive

The menu

The students of Leioa’s Hospitality School were challenged to create a sustainable menu with local, seasonal produce that did not result in food waste in its preparation.

A nutritious, tasty and attractive menu from an organoleptic and visual perspective.

Thanks to the outstanding quality of local products and the excellent cooking skills of the students of Leioa Hospitality School, we have achieved a cuisine inspired by Baserritarras traditions and the proximity of the sea.

Flavours that form part of our culinary culture, reinterpreted with skill, creativity, passion and art.


1. Mackerel “montadito” served on grilled vegetables (vegetable gravy emulsion and apple cider vinegar)
2. Tomato salad, cream cheese, walnuts and black olives.
3. Fresh spinach pasta served with mushrooms and garlic.
4. Grilled pork tenderloin served with mashed potato and sautéed cabbage
5. Apple tart served with vanilla ice cream

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